Al Jazeera journalist released after being in detention since 2016 without trial

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Al Jazeera journalist Mahmoud Hussain is now a free man after spending five years in an Egyptian jail.

Hussain was detained since 2016, on charges of spreading false news, joining a banned group and receiving foreign funds.

Cairo has accused Qatar of supporting the Brotherhood, which was branded by Cairo as a terrorist group in 2013. The Brotherhood says it is a peaceful group. Qatar hosts some prominent Brotherhood figures but denies supporting hardline Islamists.

Rights groups accuse the government of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi of a sweeping crackdown on dissent which they say is the worst ever for Egypt.

Since 2013 when Sisi took power, thousands of Islamist opponents, as well as scores of liberal activists and journalists, have been imprisoned by the authorities.

Sisi, who ousted President Mohamed Mursi of the Muslim Brotherhood after mass protests against his rule, denies that there are political prisoners in Egypt

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