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“Our platform serves as a beacon for media safety and press freedom in Africa, providing a comprehensive suite of tools, resources, and advocacy initiatives. By fostering collaboration among journalists, media stakeholders, and civil society, we aim to create a secure environment where journalism can flourish and contribute to positive societal change. Through curated content, expert guidance, and community engagement, we empower journalists to amplify their voices and defend their rights, ensuring transparency and accountability across the continent’s media landscape.”

Join the fight Against Impunity

Join the fight against impunity and stand in solidarity with journalists across Africa. At our platform, we’re dedicated to upholding press freedom and ensuring the safety of those who risk their lives to report the truth. By coming together as a community, we can combat threats, advocate for accountability, and drive positive change in media landscapes. Discover how you can make a difference and join us in defending journalists’ rights and freedoms.

Protecting Press Freedom

Our platform serves as a crucial tool for defending press freedom in Africa. We provide journalists with resources and support to continue their vital work in the face of threats and challenges. By advocating for transparency and accountability in media, we strive to ensure that journalists can fulfill their essential role as watchdogs and agents of change in society.

Ensuring Journalist Safety

Through incident reporting mechanisms and safety resources, we prioritize the physical and digital well-being of journalists across the continent. By promoting media safety and providing essential support networks, we empower journalists to navigate challenging environments and continue their critical reporting without fear of reprisal.

Fostering Collaboration

Our platform facilitates cooperation among journalists, media stakeholders, and civil society organizations. Through collaborative initiatives and community engagement, we strengthen the collective effort to promote press freedom and accountability. By fostering a culture of collaboration and solidarity, we amplify the impact of advocacy efforts and initiatives aimed at protecting journalists’ rights.

Raising Awareness

We raise awareness about media safety issues and advocate for journalists’ rights across Africa. Through educational campaigns, public outreach, and media engagement, we increase public understanding and support for press freedom. By highlighting the importance of a free and independent media, we mobilize individuals and organizations to take action in defense of journalists’ rights and freedoms.

Providing Resources and Support

Our platform offers journalists access to valuable resources, training, and support networks. From safety protocols and emergency assistance to professional development opportunities, we equip journalists with the tools they need to navigate risks and challenges effectively. By providing comprehensive support and assistance, we empower journalists to continue their essential work with confidence and resilience.

Driving Positive Change

Ultimately, our platform exists to drive positive change in African media landscapes. By advocating for transparency, accountability, and respect for media freedom, we work towards a future where journalists can work without fear of intimidation or censorship. Through advocacy campaigns, policy initiatives, and grassroots mobilization, we strive to create an environment where journalism can flourish and contribute to positive societal change.

A free press is not a luxury.

“A free press is not a luxury. A free press is at the absolute core of equitable development, because if you cannot enquire and be transparent, if you cannot inform and be informed, then you will be left behind.”

-Nduka Obaigbena

founder of ThisDay newspaper in Nigeria

How Alerts Work


Users, including media stakeholders and members of the public, can submit alerts through an online form on our platform. This form collects essential information about the incident, such as the date, location, description, and any relevant details.


After submission, the alert undergoes an editorial process to verify the incident's authenticity and accuracy. Our team reviews the submitted information, fact-checks the details, and may reach out to additional sources or witnesses for verification.


Once the alert is verified, it is published on the platform's database of incidents concerning the safety of journalists in Africa. This database serves as a valuable resource for tracking and documenting media safety issues across the continent.


Published alerts contribute to raising awareness around issues of media safety in Africa. Through our platform and affiliated networks, we share these alerts with relevant stakeholders, including media organizations, civil society groups, and international partners.

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